If you like hunting predatory game without limits on brought down animals, this is the ultimate hunt for you.

The winter hunt offers really exciting experiences where nature is harsh, but also shows its most beautiful side with everything covered in a snow blanket.

Would you like to become a bounty hunter in Canada? Imagine being back in the 1800’s in the United States and Canada where bounty hunters were chasing outlaws – you know, back in the good old days.

For many years, there has been a bounty of $500 for killing a wolf. You had to submit the right ear to receive your bounty. ​Alberta has a large population of these predators, so this is really the place to go.

Hunting season

Six day hunting trip with license for free hunting of wolf and coyote. Who would not want to return home with the experience of having brought down some of these magnificent animals?


Hunting time for wolf and coyote:

  • 1 December to end March.

There is a lot of driving associated with inspecting and checking bait

The active baits have tents with heating. The winter period in Alberta can be quite cold, but if you're in a heated little blind, you won't even notice. "I have been comfortable in down to minus 15-28 degrees Celcius," Lars says. 

There you will eat your breakfast, and you get sandwiches and other snacks during the day. You pay for your own dinner and beverages.  


Accommodation at hotel to make the hunter comfortable. The winter temperatures in the areas we are hunting in range from minus 5 to minus 35 degrees, but don't worry, it's usually a dry air that doesn't seem nearly as cold as minus 5-10 degrees in Denmark.



The wolf is a very cunning animal and therefore a very coveted trophy. Wolves don’t stay in the same place for long periods of time. Coyote, on the other hand, can be found everywhere in Alberta, and in large numbers. The Canadian wolf is up to 80% larger than the wolves we have in Europe. There have been brought down wolves weighing more than 80 kg – even as much as 90 kg! They have a shoulder height of up to 95 cm. Body length of up to 160 cm, not counting the tail. 

Coyotes can sometimes be mistaken for a wolf. It does look very much like a wolf, but is somewhat smaller in size. In North America – Canada, where the largest specimens live, they can reach a weight of more than 20 kg.

The trip - Airport 


4Hunt recommends that you fly either to Calgary or Edmonton. 

If you like sightseeing, and if you want to see and experience the magnificent scenery of the Rocky Mountains and explore Canada, it doesn't matter which of these airports you choose. Both Calgary and Edmonton are exciting big cities. 

If you are only interested in the hunt, we recommend that you fly directly to Edmonton. This will give you the shortest route to our hunting grounds up north. The drive to our preserves takes about 6-6.5 hours, going north from Edmonton 

Useful tips

We highly recommend that you visit the Rocky Mountains National Park on your trip – this is an experience of a lifetime.

In addition, there are good opportunities to make a bargain in one of the many big hunting stores or clothing outlets in major cities like Edmonton and Calgary.

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PRIS: 23.400 kr.

Included in the price are:

  • 6 full days of hunting

  • 7 days stay at hotel

  • One guide/two hunters

  • No limit on coyote and wolf

  • Driving in the preserve during hunting

  • Including breakfast - supper

  • Paperwork - ETA 

Not included in the price:

  • Flight ticket (approx. DKK 4000 - 6500)

  • Dinner

  • Tipping

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home 

  • Transport to and from Calgary Airport​​ Car rental, if necessary