Wild Australia, Northern Territory, Darwin, where hunting opportunities are almost endless. This is an adrenaline pumped hunting.

In the Northern Territory, you can hunt:

  • Water buffalo

  • Scrub bulls

  • Wild boar

  • Wild horses

  • Donkeys

  • Wild dogs

  • Kangaroo

  • Wallabies

  • Magpie geese

  • Ducks


Water buffalo hunting takes place with two guides for two hunters:

Lars Buchard himself and Tim, who is a very skilled and passionate hunter.

Among other things, Tim has participated in the Danish TV programme Nak & Æd Water Buffalo & Wallabies, and he has made American hunting films as well.

The hunts take place on huge family-owned farms, which gives us freer hunting opportunities.

The hunting season is from June to the end of October. However, we prefer the whole of July to the end of September – and preferably the beginning of October also.

The climate is very dry and pleasant. Daytime temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius and night temperatures around 20 degrees.

There are no snakes (it's too dry) or other dangerous or annoying creepy-crawlies at this time of year (it's their winter time), and pretty much no mosquitoes either. However, there are two animals to be aware of: the water buffaloes and not least the saltwater crocodiles.


Facts about the trip

Drive from Darwin Airport to the hunting preserve: About two hours.

We stay in a air conditioned motel by the Adelaide River about two hours south of Darwin.

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, toast etc., outdoor lunch.

Dinner: Fish, chicken, steak etc. can be ordered at the restaurant.


We drive in a new customized 4x4 set up for this kind of hunting, with built-in refrigerator. Hunting takes place on foot and in 4x4.

Wild boar hunting with dogs

If you can't have it wild enough, we offer hunting wild boar with dogs as an addition to the water buffalo hunt.

This is the old form of hunting, where you will meet experienced, skilled hunters who bring their dogs.

You can choose to hunt with rifle, spear or knife.

This can be offered as a supplement.

  • DKK 3000 per day + food and hotel if this is done after the buffalo hunt.

Whereas it only costs DKK 3000 if you have brought down your buffalo and have a day left. 

Price DKK 48,900.

Included in the price of the hunting trip:

Price depends on the dollar exchange rate.

  • 5 days of hunting and accommodation with everything included

  • Two guides/two hunters

  • 1 buffalo minimum bronze

  • 1 horse or donkey

  • 3 wild boars regardless of size and keiler 

  • 5 wallabies/kangaroos 

  • Wild dogs

Not included in the price of the hunting trip:

  • Flight ticket (approx. DKK 5500-8000)

  • Companion (DKK 1200 per day). Extra motel room and restaurant food 

  • Excursions before and after hunt – including hotel stays if necessary

  • Tipping 

  • Weapons lease if necessary see link 

  • Trophy treatment and shipping See Link