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Queensland is known for some of the world's best beaches and offers everything from tropical rainforests to brightly coloured coral reefs with exciting deep-sea fishing. 

4Hunt offers an exciting hunt for one of the popular deer species, the axis deer. It is known for its beautiful spotted fur, which we also see on the fallow deer in Denmark. 

The axis deer preserve


Privately owned farm with herds of axis deer, wild boar and wallabies.

The preserve is about 110,000 barrels of land. Here, we hunt the perhaps most beautiful deer you can find, namely the axis deer.

There is unlimited hunting for wild boars on this hunting trip, so you are free to hunt what you see.

One customer single-handedly brought down no less than 13 wild boars. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will encounter such a number of pigs. 

Likewise, the farm is allowed to cull a certain number of the native species, wallabies/kangaroos, which will be to your benefit. Spotlight hunting is also possible in this preserve. 

Facts about the hunt

Hunting season:

  • All year 

Take a flight to Townsville in the state of Queensland, which is Australia's second largest state. Queensland borders the Northern Territory in the west, and in the east the land borders the stunning seas, the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean. 

You will be picked up and driven from and to the airport. The preserve is about a two-hour drive from the airport. 

We stay in cabins in the preserve, where all dining and catering will take place.

Our contact is an experienced bow hunter and is happy to welcome both bow hunters and rifle hunters.

You can choose to go hunting by yourself and borrow an electric moped/motorcycle to get around the preserve quickly and silently.

Bow hunters get 6 full days of hunting. 

Rifle hunters get 4 full days of hunting. 

We hunt in 4x4s, on foot, on ATVs and electric mopeds. The terrain is relatively flat with small hills. 

Should you complete your hunt ahead of time, the host offers a half/full day of deep-sea fishing. This is included in the price.

Fishing trip

It is possible to buy a day at sea for DKK 1500 a person after the hunt. 

We sail in a 25-foot catamaran with full fishing equipment as well as a 2x130 HP Yamaha. 

Treat yourself to a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Stay in one of the nice coastal towns and explore the world's largest coral reef with snorkel or oxygen tank.    


Can be combined with a two-hour drive to another preserve where you can experience camel hunting – see prices here

Can also be combined with rusa deer hunting. However, this is a nine hours’ drive away.

May also be combined with sambar hunting in Victoria either as spot and stalking or as a driven hunt with dogs. This is a very exciting form of hunting with high chances of success.

Domestic flights are cheap. 



Camels come from the Middle East and were introduced to Australia as draft animals. Now they are captured and sent back to the Middle East, or they are being culled to regulate the fast-growing population. 

An adult camel can weigh as much as 480 kg and drink more than 100 litres of water in 10 minutes. 

When wild camels roam the dry Australia looking for water, they are often a nuisance at water tanks and reservoirs. They also head to the cities to look for water. 


This preserve comprises about 54,000 barrels of land. Here we stay in small house with all the necessities. The area is relatively flat with a large river running across the area. 


There are snakes, which is why 4Hunt recommends acquiring a pair of "Snake proof gators."  

Pris 22.900 kr.

Included in the price of the hunting trip:

  • 7 days stay

  • 6 days spot & stalking with bow

  • 4 days with rifle

  • 1 guide/2 hunters

  • Transport from and to airport

  • Full meals

  • Loan of rifle and bow

  • 1 axis deer regardless of size 

  • 1 axis deer - female 

  • Unlimited wild boar - large tusks

  • 5 wallabies/kangaroo

Not included in the price of the hunting trip:

  • Flight tickets (approx. DKK 6000 - 8500)

  • Excursions before and after hunt - including hotel stays if necessary

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home 

  • Extra axuis deer  (DKK 8500)