Travel & cancellation insurance:
  • 4Hunt recommends checking your own insurance if necessary. first to see how you are doing if you should become ill or infected with Covid-19.  

  • 4Hunt does not cover lost and damaged personal equipment. We refer to own liability insurance.  

  • If you need insurance, 4Hunt refers to European ERV r ejseforsikring which is our partner.  


Flights & car rental:
  • 4Hunt has entered into a collaboration with one of the strong in the class Risskov Rejser A / S. Contact Risskov Rejser A / S   for further info and prices.  


Weapon rental at the destination:
  • If you have rented a weapon on your hunt, you are financially liable for damage in your custody and settle before departure unless otherwise agreed.

Passports, health formalities, weapons documents:
  • You must ensure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months after the end of the trip.

  • The State Serum Institute does NOT recommend vaccination requirements for 4Hunt destinations.

  • If you stopover in the EU, you need an EU weapons passport. It's quite free to get made. Whereas for countries outside the EU it does not matter.

Registration and Payment:
  • You will receive an invoice when you register via email - 50% of the price of the trip will be paid if you have not agreed otherwise with 4Hunt. The payment deadline is 8 days net. Send to  customer's e-mail address.

  • The balance is payable 60 days before your departure. The payment deadline is 8 days net.

  • For bookings less than 60 days before your departure, the full amount will be paid by immediate transfer.

  • If there is a arrears in your payment less than 50 days before your departure, 4Hunt has the right to cancel your hunting trip, unless you have another written agreement to this effect with 4Hunt.

If the traveler breaches his part of the agreement concerning the payment deadlines, 4Hunt has the right to cancel the agreement. In such cases, 4Hunt is entitled to the payment of the amount paid by the traveler.  

Payment accounts:

Nordea Bank Danmark A / S

Silkborgvej 261 

DK- 8230 Åbyhøj



REG. NO. 1981

ACCOUNT NO. 439 974 1799


IBAN: DK 17 2000 4399 7417 99

Cancellation of your hunting trip:
  • You can cancel your hunting trip at 4Hunt up to 91 days before your departure, however, we charge an administration fee of DKK 5,000 if hunting with hunting guidance 2/1 has been booked. Whereas hunting has been booked with hunting guidance 1/1, there will be an administration fee of DKK 500.  

  • If canceled from 90 days or closer to your departure, a refund will not take place.

  • It is recommended to take out a cancellation insurance, via our partner Europæisk Rejseforsikring ERV.

  • The traveler who is prevented from leaving can transfer the hunting trip to another person for a fee of DKK 2,500. Notice of transfer MUST be received by 4Hunt no later than 60 days before the booked departure. Transfer can only take place if the person to whom the hunting trip is transferred meets the requirements to be able to go hunting in the country in question.

Preserving and transporting your trophies:
  • 4Hunt refers to some skilled conservators in those countries. These are the ones we use due to many years of experience with them.

  • Ordering from the conservator in question is at your own risk and peril. As soon as a trophy is transferred to an external transport company or conservator, 4Hunt's responsibility as a hunting travel agency thus ceases. The responsibility is now in the hands of the transport company or conservator, and the risk is your own. Should an error or other occur, it is a dispute between the hunter and the conservator / freight forwarder company.



  • 4Hunt reserves the right to make price changes, exchange rate changes in foreign currencies and printing errors.

  • 4Hunt has the right to use any. photos and video taken on our trips - ( for ethical reasons)  for online marketing and print media unless the hunter has indicated in writing that he or she does not wish to do so. Please note that images on 4Hunt media are subject to copyright.