Experience Canada at its most beautiful and get an unforgettable hunting trip in some of the very best hunting areas in Alberta.


The areas we hunt in boast a very high population of black bears, and it is not unusual for us to spot many bears on our hunts.


Since 2011, we have maintained a very high success rate on our bear hunts. Almost all hunters take down two bears each. In addition, some hunters have been lucky enough to take down both wolf and coyote on the bear hunt.

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Hunting season

Bear hunting in Canada takes place both in the spring at the beginning of May to June 15 or from September 1 to September 20 when the bears get ready for hibernation. It is always female bears with cubs and young bears that start to hibernate first. Bears have been hunted as late as in October, but the chances for success will be smaller.

Best time for bear hunting.

  • Spring 14 May to 15 June.

  • Autumn 1 September to 20 September.



We usually stay in a spike camp, a tent camp far into the woods. The camp has a dining tent. The hunter's sleeping tent is a large, tall shared tent with folding beds and a wood stove. In addition, there is a tent for bathing and a toilet tent.

At the customer's request, hotel/motel accommodation can also be arranged at an additional cost. However, this means a 30 to 50 minute drive each way in the morning and in the evening, at the customer’s own expense. Alternatively, the customer can rent a camper and have all the amenities in the camp.

If we are in the territory, we pay a visit to the Nak & Æd hut – which has become a tradition on the trip.​

The bear 

Normally, an adult black bear male weighs between 95-140 kg (can weigh up to 250 kilos).

Black bears have a variety of colours ranging from light beige to a light brown and to dark brown.

There are many different coloured black bears where we hunt. 

You can expect to meet a rich and exciting wildlife in the territories we hunt in. There are good chances of seeing everything from moose, whitetail, eagles, mule deer, wolverine, grizzly, elk and beaver. There are also some pumas, but you have to be very lucky to meet them. 


The trip - Airport

4Hunt recommends that you fly either to Calgary or Edmonton. 

If you like sightseeing, and if you want to see and experience the magnificent scenery of the Rocky Mountains and explore Canada, it doesn't matter which of these airports you choose. Both Calgary and Edmonton are exciting big cities. 

If you are only interested in the hunt, we recommend that you fly directly to Edmonton. This will give you the shortest route to our hunting preserves up north. The drive to our preserves takes about 4-6.5 hours, going north from Edmonton. 

Useful tips

​We highly recommend that you visit the Rocky Mountains National Park on your trip – this is an experience of a lifetime.

In addition, there are good opportunities to make a bargain in one of the many big hunting stores or clothing outlets in major cities like Edmonton and Calgary.

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PRICE: DKK 26,400.

Included in the price of the hunting trip:

We stay in a spike camp/tent camp in the hunting preserves

  • 6 full days of hunting, including Canadian hunting license

  • 7 days stay

  • One guide/two hunters

  • 2 black bears

  • Wolf and coyote - no limit

  • Driving in the preserve during hunting

  • Full meals

  • Paperwork - ETA - Win Card - weapon form 909

Not included in the price:


  • Flight ticket (approx. DDK 4200-5800)

  • Companion (DDK 900 per day)

  • Tipping 

  • Car rental

  • Excursions before and after the hunt - including hotel stays if necessary

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home