Experience Canada from the country's most beautiful side, and get an unforgettable hunting trip in some of the very best hunting areas in British Colombia.

These are huge hunting areas where we hunt black bear. Experience the breathtaking expanses of the Rocky Mountains. The area is hilly in several places, where you can search with your binoculars as far as your eyes can see. See various deer and bears or watch a coyote cross your path.


Hunting season:  

  • Spring - 20 April to 30 June.


There is a large population of bears, and they are found in the much sought after brown varieties. Up to 45% are coloured bears. The hunt does not require great physical fitness, as most bears are brought down with bait, a few using dogs and very few by spot and stalk. This package includes unlimited hunting on wolves and coyote. The wolves are shy and only a bonus for the lucky hunter. They sometimes appear on the bait site and are more rarely encountered in the open. Try sitting deep within the forest and use electronic wolf calls and hear them answer your call. It's a very special experience. Due to the exclusive hunting rights in the two preserves, there is a very large selective shooting of black bear.


The guide will always do his utmost to find the biggest bear for you, and we may pass several bears before the right one is brought down. But of course, the choice is entirely yours.


​Our camp is located in the middle of the preserve and is called a spike camp. This is a tent camp with all necessities such as bath tent with hot water and toilet, large sleeping tents and a food tent. The tents are heated with a wood-burning stove and gas heating if necessary. Depending on whether the hunt has moved further into the preserve, in some cases you may also spend the night in cabins.

The Black Bear

Of the three bear hunts we offer (British Colombia, Alberta, Idaho), this is probably where you have the greatest chance of bringing home a capital bear, simply because of the low hunting pressure. If you wish to take down a second bear, it must be a brown-coloured black bear. They are also present in the area, though not in the same numbers as our hunts in Alberta and Idaho.

Normally, an adult black bear male weighs between 95-140 kg (can weigh up to 250 kg).

Black bears are found in many colour variations ranging from light beige to a light brown and to a dark brown.

There are many different coloured black bears where we hunt. There is also a chance of meeting the large grizzly bear. ​

The trip - Airport


We recommend that you fly to Calgary, Alberta, from where there is about a 3 hours drive to the hunting preserve in British Colombia. The drive cuts through the Rocky Mountains and The Banff National Park.

Useful tips

​We highly recommend that you visit the Rocky Mountains National Park on your trip – this is an experience of a lifetime.

In addition, there are good opportunities to make a bargain in one of the many big hunting stores or clothing outlets in major cities like Edmonton and Calgary.

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Price DKK 23.900 

  • One guide/two hunters

  • 6 days hunting 

Pris 24.900 kr.

Included in the price are:

Accommodation in tents or cabins.

  • 5 days hunting

  • 6 days stay

  • One guide/two hunters

  • 1 black bear regardless of size

  • No limit on coyote

  • Driving in the preserve during hunting

  • Full meals

  • Paperwork - ETA

Not included in the price:

  • Flight ticket (approx. DKK 4000 - 6500)

  • One extra bear (DKK 9000)

  • Tipping

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home

  • Transport from and to Calgary AirportCar rental

  • Leasing of weapons