DKK. 19.900,-



Perfect for the bow and rifle hunter. If you like magnificent sceneries and hunting for bears using dogs and bait, then this is a real bargain for you. Prices begin at DKK 19,900 including tag for two bears and no limit on wolves/coyote.


Our new hunting trip borders to Canada, Alberta, and is located in the beautiful state of Idaho in the United States, which has a stunning scenery, and the Rocky Mountains make up a third of the state. The outfitter is a personal friend and a wonderful guy who I've hunted bear with before. 

This is hunting in the Rocky Mountains, where you’ll get to try the action-packed hunt for bear using dogs.

Hunting term

 Hunting season:​  

  • Spring 10 May - 30 June.

  • Autumn 30 August - 10 October.


There is a large population of bears, and they are found in the much sought-after brown varieties. Up to 45% are coloured bears. This hunt does not require good physical fitness as most bears are brought down by bait, a few using dogs and only very few by spot and stalk, as it is a somewhat hilly terrain. There is unlimited hunting for wolves and coyote in the package. However, the wolves are shy and only a bonus for the lucky hunter. They sometimes appear on the bait site and are more rarely encountered in the open. Try sitting deep within the forest and use electronic wolf calls and hear them answer your call. A chilling experience.


If there is time, and you finish the bear hunt before time, you can try hunting in the lowlands for the "mini-wolf", coyote, using a call. Super exciting hunting.​


​We set down camp in the middle of the forest, a so-called spike camp, where you sleep in real beds in tents with a wood-burning stove and gas heating if necessary. The catering is provided by the outfitter’s wife, and the food is delicious. 

The bear

Normally, an adult black bear male weighs between 95-140 kg (can weigh up to 250 kg.)

Black bears have a variety of colours ranging from light beige to a light brown and to dark brown.

There are many different coloured black bears, where we hunt.  

See the difference between black bear and grizzly here

The journey - Airport


4Hunt recommends that you fly to Missoula, Montana. The hunting preserve is only about a two hours drive from the airport and into Idaho, which is a very easy drive. The references are good and the success rate high. Bait is set up at least two weeks before the hunters' arrival. 


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PRICE: DKK 19.900

  • 6 hunters


PRICE: DKK 21.400

  • 4 hunters

PRIS: 20.900 kr.

  • 6 jægere

PRIS: 22.400 kr.

  • 4 jægere

Included in the price of the hunting trip:

  • 6 full days of hunting

  • 7 days stay

  • One guide/two hunters

  • 2 black bears

  • Wolf and coyote - no limit

  • Driving in the preserve during hunting

  • Full meals

  • Paperwork - ESTA 

Not included in the price of the hunting trip:

​​ ​​

  • Flight ticket (approx. DDK 5000-7000)

  • Companion (DDK 900 per day)

  • Tipping 

  • Car rental

  • Excursions before and after the hunt - including hotel stays if necessary

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home