Travel to the world's largest country, where we hunt Siberian bucks in the vast Siberian wilderness. 

Our most coveted trophy in Europe is the roebuck, so it is understandable that so many hunters begin to look for its big brother at some point, namely the Siberian Roebuck.  

We have the exclusive hunting rights in this vast preserve spanning 40,000 hectares.


The land consists of cultivated areas, marshlands and forests with mildly hilly areas.

Hunting Season

There will be a lot of driving to find the best bucks. Then the still-hunt begins.

The Siberian Roebuck can be measured in both SCI and CIC. SCI is preferable due to the location of the hunt. It is worth noting that the weight is not included in a measurement, neither in SCI or CIC. Only volume is used in CIC (unlike ordinary bucks, where the weight is also factored in). 


Read more about trophy measuring at 

Hunting season.

  • Autumn from 20 August to end September. 

  • Rut hunt from 20 August to 10 September.

Our outfitter tells us that bucks of between 900-1000 grams are normally brought down, but sometimes also bucks of more than 1200 grams. Siberian bucks weigh up to 50 kg and have longer necks and larger heads.


The hunters will be accommodated in comfortable wooden houses with sauna and all amenities. Wifi is available. 

​Fitness: It is not a requirement to be in good physical shape for this hunt.

The trip - Airport


Take a flight to Ekaterinburg Airport, from where there it is about a three-hour drive to the hunting preserve. Please note that you will be picked up at the airport and returned at this price.

You can rent weapons if necessary. It's not a problem to bring your own weapon.

Departure from either Aalborg, Billund or Copenhagen, typically with a few stopovers. Don’t cheat yourself from seeing and trying the Russian food culture and the vibrant life in Ekaterinburg. Prices are low in the city both for accommodation and shopping. Typically, an overnight stay at a 3-star hotel costs approx. DKK 200. 

Useful tips

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PRICE: DKK. 23.900 

  • Max 1-4 hunters in each group 

PRIS: 23.900 kr.

  • Max 1 - 4 jægere på hvert hold 

Included in the price of the hunting trip:


  • 4 days of hunting

  • 6 days stay in cabin

  • One guide/two hunters

  • A Siberian Roebuck regardless of size

  • Full meals

  • All driving on the hunt

  • Paperwork

  • Refund for not obtained trophy DKK 9000

Not included in the price of the hunting trip:


  • Flight ticket to Ekaterinburg (approx. DKK 2500-4500)

  • Tipping (150-250 euros)

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home

  • Extra buck regardless of size DKK 11,700  

  • Import permit for weapons/tourist visas

  • Extra hunting day, usually not necessary  

  • Skinning/salting of buck, 50 euros paid directly.