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The south Australian state Victoria in Gippsland has an incredibly varied scenery with green fields and hilly woodlands and dense vegetation, and it is located near the historic area of Snowy River.

In this area, 4Hunt offers a rare and highly action-packed hunt for the characteristic sambar deer.

Sambar deer hunting with dogs is an old tradition that has been cultivated in Victoria for over 100 years. 

We also offer hunting for sambar deer by spot and stalk.

Sambar deer driven hunt  


We hunt with at least 10-15 dogs and depending on the number of hunters there may be several teams of dogs.

The number of guides will be adapted to this.

Our good friend and contact is a local Australian guy who has many years of experience with exactly this form of hunting. 

The hunt takes place in the state of Victoria in southern Australia near the historic Snowy River area. 

The terrain consists of heavily hilly mountain areas at about 500-1500 metres altitude, where most of it is very dense forest. 

We drive in a new customized 4x4 set up for this kind of hunting with dogs. The hunt takes place on foot and in the 4x4.

We set out at dawn looking for fresh tracks and animals. If the dogs pick up a scent, the hunting starts. This is a very exciting and different form of hunting – the smells and sounds and the parrots flying above our heads.

Typically, the animals are hunted using the dogs, and the animal is brought down when crossing a post, or quite often an animal is surrounded by the dogs. This often happens in water where they feel safer.   

Spot and Stalking

This takes place both on foot and in car. This form of hunting requires a certain degree of fitness and patience, and the binoculars are used a lot. The animals are most active in the early morning and late evening but can be seen 24 hours a day. 

Hunting season:

  • April to November - We prefer the whole of July to October. 

Climate: Average temperatures (Celsius)

  • April - May 15 degrees

  • June - July 13 degrees

  • August - September 18 degrees

  • October - November 25 degrees 


We fly to Melbourne Airport. From there, there will be about a 3.5-5 hours drive to our preserves.

Either you will arrange transport yourself, or we can pick you up for a fee. Contact us to hear more about this.

We stay in a tent camp far into the woods. The camp is set up with a "swag," an Australian mini-tent with sleeping bag. 

Very simple camp which can be moved to a new area deep in the Australian bush after a day of hunting.

The catering is simple but good. Dinner is typically grilled meat with accompaniment.


There are snakes, which is why 4Hunt recommends acquiring a pair of "Snake proof gators." Because of this, your swag, sleeping bags and bags must always be closed. Make sure to put your boots in a closed swag tent. 

Pris 5.500 kr. pr. dag

Included in the price of the hunting trip:

The price covers the following:

  • 1 day of driven hunt or spot & stalking

  • Hunting guide

  • Transport

  • Full meals

  • Free number of animals

  • Optional extra kangaroos, wallabies and foxes for DKK 2,000 (unlimited)

  • We recommend at least 4 days of hunting

  • No trophy taxes

Not included in the price of the hunting trip:

  • Flight ticket (approx. DKK 5500 - 8000)

  • Companion (DKK 600 per day)

  • Car rental if necessary – otherwise pick-up/return will be billed as a hunting day

  • Excursions before and after hunt - including hotel stays if necessary

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home