Join a bear hunt in Siberia. 

Why choose Russia? Russia is the country in the world with the largest population of brown bears – the total population comprises upwards of 120,000 individuals.


Thus, their population represents just over 50 % of the world's (150,000-200,000) population of brown bears, so it is not strange that bear hunting in Russia is so popular. Moreover, Russia is the cheapest country to hunt in.

Hunting term

Hunting season.

  • Spring from April 22 - May 15

  • Autumn from late August to late September.

4Hunt can take 3-4 hunters in the spring and 5-6 hunters in autumn.

4Hunt offers five days of hunting with bait to ensure a good success rate. We hunt from hunting towers. Bears wake up from hibernation in spring and are very hungry, and in autumn they hunt everything edible to gain as much weight as possible before they hibernate. If a bear is shot but not brought down, Laika dogs are used for tracking. We hunt in large forest areas, which is why hunting here is not suitable for still-hunting. The outfitter has many years of experience in this hunt. More than 140,000 hectares are available in this preserve. The area is relatively flat and consists of only 10% mountain terrain. The majority is woodlands.

Physical fitness: It is not a requirement to be in good physical shape for this hunt.


The accommodation takes place in nice wooden houses/cottages with all amenities, including sauna and wifi

Siberian Brown Bear

The Siberian Brown Bear is not to be confused with the common European Brown Bear, which is also hunted many places in Russia. The Siberian Bear is larger and has a wider head. Bears weighing more than 400 kg have been brought down, but the normal range is between 175-275 kg. Its claws can be up 10 cm long, and it has a fur coat where the hairs can also reach 10 cm. This is a really coveted trophy. It comes in different shades ranging from dark brown to light brown, where the long hairs are often lighter at the tips making it appear mottled grey like an "old silverback." The bears typically measure from just over 6 feet up to +8 feet.

It may appear clumsy and slow, but make no mistake, it can reach an impressive speed of up to 60 km/h.

The trip - Airport


Take a flight to Novosibirsk Airport, and from there you have about a 4.5 hours drive to the hunting area.

Departure from either Aalborg, Billund or Copenhagen via Moscow and then directly to Novosibirsk Airport. Novosibirsk, with its 1.6 million inhabitants, is the third largest city in Russia. Prices are low in the city both for accommodation and shopping. 

You can rent weapons if necessary, and it's not a problem to bring your own weapons. Depending on the licences that year, it may be allowed to take down two bears.

Useful tips

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We recommend at least five days of hunting, but reserve seven days.  

PRICE: DKK 26,000.

  • Including bear with up to 16 cm paw

  • For larger +16 cm forepaw we charge an additional DKK 6000.

PRIS: 5.500 kr. for opholdet.

  • 1 - 5 jægere af gangen

Included in the price of the hunting trip:

  • 5 days hunt

  • 6 days stay in cabin

  • Transport from and to airport when at least 2 hunters. 

  • One guide/two hunters

  • License for a brown bear, up to 16 cm paw

  • Full meals

  • All driving on the hunt

  • Paperwork

  • Refund for not obtained trophy DKK 9000 

Not included in the price of the hunting trip:


  • Flight ticket to Novosibirsk Airport (DKK 2700-4500) 

  • Tipping (DKK 1500 - 2250)

  • Shipping trophies home - taxidermist fee

  • Leasing of weapons (DKK 750-1500) paid directly 

  • Arms import permit (DKK 1500)

  • Tourist visa (DKK 325)

  • Extra bear regardless of size (DKK 14,500)

  • Extra hunting day (DKK 2200) 

  • Companion (DKK 1300 per day) CITES papers.


Trofæet er kogt af mindst 24 timer og tørret ned før vejning. Der er et 90 gram fradrag for overkæben:


  • Op til 350 g 2500 kr.

  • 351 – 400 g 4700 kr.

  • 401 – 450 g 7500 kr.

  • 451 – 500 g 11.500 kr.

  • 501 – 550 g 16.000 kr.

  • 551 g + 19.000 kr.