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Rocky Mountains 

4Hunt recommends combining the hunting trip to Canada with a few days in the Rocky Mountains before we meet at the camp.

Tear a few days out of the calendar and treat yourself and your travel companion to an experience of a lifetime. 

The Rocky Mountains stretch all the way from the southern United States to the north, through Alberta and British Columbia. This famous and spectacular mountain range offers extraordinary experiences in the wild. 


Start the route from Calgary, which offers exciting city life and a crazy wide selection of hunting and outdoor shopping. Read more here:


Banff National Park is incredibly beautiful and one of the world's oldest national parks. The entire area is covered by dense forest, mountain peaks and turquoise glacier lakes. Make a stop in Banff town, which is a cozy little town with exciting artist shops, cafés and nightclubs with ski sports atmosphere. 

If you want to spend a day skiing, we highly recommend Sunshine Village Ski Resort The ski season ends 16-17 May with the popular Slush Cup, where participants dress up festively and jump in a water pool. 

Lake Louise 

Lake Louise is the main attraction in the national park. There is a multitude of pictures of this lake, and one is surprised at how easy it is to take postcard-like photographs in this area. 


Continue north through the Canadian Rockies, which the Rocky Mountains are called in the area, to the largest national park – Jasper. Take Icefield Parkway and make a stop at the transparent glass bridge — Columbia Icefield Skywalk — and experience the most incredible view of the Athabasca glacier. This is not for the faint-hearted with fear of heights. More information:

Hot Springs 

In this area you can find hot springs. Miette Hot Springs, located in Jasper National Park, has one of the hottest springs in the Canadian Rockies. The water is sulphurous and filled with minerals, giving the water a special scent. The natural springs emit water at 54 degrees Celsius, which is cooled to 40 degrees in the pools. Make the trip past Hot Springs and relax for a few hours – you won't regret it.

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The Rocky Mountains offer the most amazing wildlife. See flying eagles and black bears wandering by the side of the road. Perhaps you're lucky enough to see a grizzly bear and see the agile bighorn sheep climb a mountainside as if it was the easiest thing in the world. You can also see moose and elk, which are lying around in front of the cabins and hotels. Also, it is possible to see whitetail, caribou, wolf, coyote and porcupine.

Important! Do not feed the animals.


Notice the Canadian stone men set up in several places. They are called Inuksuk and are a stone mark or cairn originally created by the Inuit to communicate with other people in the Arctic regions. 

If you're into local art, be sure to look for "Dancing Bears." These are stone figures carved to resemble a "dancing bear." Fantastic craftsmanship, which is also made in soapstone, jade and other stone species.