The Mountain Goat, the tough master of climbing, with the Latin name Oreamnos Americanus, is one of the most challenging species for passionate mountain hunters to hunt. The Mountain Goat only lives naturally in the northern United States and Canada amid the magnificent, beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

Do you like to push yourself? Do you also dream of a beautiful special trophy, where you have to fight for it, and where the joy of landing your well-deserved trophy sometimes is expressed in tears of joy? Then you must let 4Hunt take you on mountain goat hunting.

Facts about the hunt

The hunting season is from August until the end of February. The season can be divided into three smaller seasons.

  • ​August - September

August and September is the early season when you get all the way up into the mountains.

  • October - November

Mid-season is October and November, just before the rut. This is when the Mountain Goat has the most beautiful and thickest fur.

  • December - February

The winter hunt starts in December and extends to the end of February. This is actually the easiest time to hunt for Mountain Goat, because it comes down from the mountains. So if you don’t like heights and want to save a little effort, this is the time to choose. 

Take a flight to Calgary Airport. From there, there is a 3 to 5 hours drive depending on the preserve. 

We start the hunt before it becomes fully light and drive around looking for the strong Mountain Goat. Then we take wind direction and cover into account in order to initiate the perfect spot and stalk. Tired legs are guaranteed on such a hunt, and usually you’ll have to fight hard to get your trophy.

It requires good physical fitness, and not least will, to traverse this demanding terrain. 

We have a very large territory at our disposal, which provides the opportunity to adapt the climbs and descents according to the hunter's wishes. We recommend that you train before such a trip. Preferably cardio training two to three months before setting out to ensure that you get the most out of the trip.  ​

The Mountain Goat preserve

​Our two preserves are located in the vast, magnificent Canada with the Rocky Mountains practically in the backyard. Both preserves are very large, and our outfitter has the exclusive hunting rights in these areas.  There is also a large population of black bear, grizzly, lynx and bobcat.

We stay in well-equipped cabins in the preserve, where all dining and catering takes place. 

At the customer's request, hotel accommodation can also be arranged at an additional cost. Contact us to hear more about this.

Mountain Goat / Billy

​Both the male and the female have the distinctive beard. The male has the longest beard. Both sexes have a short tail and both have black horns. The length of the horns is between 15 – 29 cm, but the male has the longest horns. The trophy has year rings making it relatively easy to assess the age of the goat. You can hunt for both males and females, but we always search for a strong old Billy, which the male goat is called. The goat has two trophies, as the coat is a trophy in itself. The beautiful white coat is a masterpiece in itself, as it is designed to withstand the harsh conditions in which the goat lives. The Mountain Goat can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 m/s, which is hurricane level, and it thrives in temperatures down to minus 46 degrees in winter. 

Mountain Goats thrive in up to 4000 metres altitude and are found above the tree line, which is the only mountain species at this height. However, they can also be found on their way down or up in search of food, or salt, which is found in the lower forest areas. This happens frequently when it is cold.

A male goat has a shoulder height of about one metre and weighs from 55 kg up to no less than 140 kg. However, most weigh between 75 and 90 kg. 


Mountain Goat hunting can be combined with hunting for other species such as whitetail and puma. Contact us to hear more about this. 

Useful tips 

​We highly recommend that you visit the Rocky Mountains National Park on your trip – this is an experience of a lifetime.

If you like skiing, there is about two hours' drive from our hunting preserve to a large Canadian ski resort called Sunshine Villages. There are actually several ski resorts nearby. If you are into skiing, this is a must. Who wouldn't want to go skiing in the Rockies?


In addition, there are good opportunities to make a bargain in one of the many big hunting stores or clothing outlets in major cities like Edmonton and Calgary.

Find more tips in the link here: Places to see

Included in the price are:

  • One guide for one hunter 

  • 8-9 hunting/stay

  • 9-10 days stay

  • License for Mountain Goat regardless of size – no limit on coyote.

  • Hunting license - GST - all fees and taxes

  • Full meals

  • Paperwork - weapon papers - ETA

  • Rifle leasing + 10 shots

  • Transport from and to Calgary Airport

Not included in the price:

  • Flight ticket (approx. DKK 4000-6500)

  • Tipping

  • Taxidermist fee

  • Shipping trophies home

  • Extra hunting day (DKK 6000)

  • Transport from and to Calgary Airport or car hire. 

Pris kr. 70.900 kr.